What is email verification and How much does it cost

For any professional email marketer obtaining subscribers and reaching their inbox is the prime goal. But there’s always going to be a chunk of invali...

  • June 27
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How to validate email with Python

There are dozens of ways and types of email verification, and you know that. To validate email address all you need is a basic knowledge of the SMTP p...

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What is real-time email verification?

Email verification is a common method to prove you’re a real conscious human person - for the purposes on safe online transactions. A message with a l...

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The most popular email service providers

We all use email services for various tasks, like business correspondence, blogging, applying for a job, personal use  and so on. In this article we'v...

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How to ping an email address to validate it

One of the ways to validate emails is to ping separate email addresses using nothing else but Windows PC. Of course, the most accurate way would be se...

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How to validate email with jQuery and iLead

If you have a contact form or a registration form on your website where users enter their email addresses, validation is crucial. Otherwise you’ll get...

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26 best email verifier services: Review and comparison

Email marketing still works, and it relies on validity of email database you’ve collected. How good are your products and how do you tell people about...

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